Support, Consultancy and Coaching

Designs On Life Ltd provides individuals and businesses with personal support, consultancy and coaching services to enhance the performance of people, teams and the organisation itself.

Our Personal Support Services provide in-work support to individuals that need extra help and guidance to allow them to access employment opportunities.  Specifically we work alongside people with autism and learning difficulties to help them realise their potential in the workplace and support them in their employment. We also work alongside their employer to guide them on appropriate reasonable adjustments and provide training to help them help their employee the best they can.

Our Consultancy Services provide organisations from SME’s, Charities and larger Corporations management expertise to deliver specific outcomes they are looking for. We work alongside existing staff and board members to identify the objectives and the best strategy to deliver them, then provide the management team to realise the results.

Our Coaching Services provide one-to-one and group coaching programmes to individuals and teams to help them identify and overcome their barriers to success, in both work and personal life.

All work is bespoke, so please get in touch for a chat about your specific needs.